Thursday, 20 September 2012

Here comes the cavalry!

A Trench based army isn't complete without a good solid corps of cavalry! I converted these out of bretonnian cavalry but I didn't want them to look as baroque as those models do, so I chopped the lances off and used the billhooks from the men-at-arms kit to make them look more like light cavalry. The headswap was almost mandatory too, and I think the rebreathers look pretty cool too, they were pretty straightforward as well: just plasticard rod, an Imperial Guard grenade launcher bag and a bit of drilling. I would like to come back to these and do the other side as well, but at the moment I don't have enough of the bags.

These pictures don't really show it very well but I'm pretty happy with the converted flamer I put together for one of the cavalrymen. The long Imperial Guard infantry flamer looked too unwieldy to use on horseback so I cut it down and attached it to a sword arm at an angle I reckon works pretty well; it is then connected to the backpack using plasticard rod.

Thanks for reading, I hope to show an Aquila Lander conversion pretty soon.

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